【公告/通知】Soundgneic 系列機種最新韌體版本更新 1.40→1.41


Soundgneic 系列機種最新韌體版本1.401.41

Ver.1.40 Ver.1.41 (2022/03/23)

●增加了支援 PureRead 的光碟機的設定功能。※註1


●追加 Direct DSD 相容機型

   TEAC UD-701N

  - 如果您透過 USB 連接 TEAC UD-701N 並使用該機器做為播放器使用時修正了部分歌曲無法播放的問題及穩定性的提升.



1.PureReadPioneer “原音再生”技術,可以減少DVD光碟在播放和抓取CD音軌時的雜訊和爆音。



2. fidata 光碟機……..coming soon

Announcement /Notice

firmware version updata for Soundgneic series Version 1.401.41

1.Added PureReader setting function

2.Added fidata Audio Dise Drive Indicator Light setting function.

3.Added Direct DSD playback function with following USB-DAC


4.Fixed an issue that some songs are not played normally when TEAC UD-701N is connected via USB and played with the built-in renderer

5.Several fixes.

韌體更新方法步驟(Firmware update method and steps)


When the machine lights up orange, please open the fidata operation page and connect to the local area network, you will find an update notification as shown in the picture



After pressing the update button, it will be updated as shown in the figure. After pressing the update button, the machine will automatically turn on after the update is completed. After the machine itself is restarted, it will appear as a green light, which means that the firmware update is completed.

C. 執行韌體更新後有時候會因爲你使用的路由器或網路問題更新時間會比較久一點的時候.請勿關閉電源!避免機器故障.

After performing the firmware update, sometimes the update time will be longer due to the router or network problem you are using. Please do not turn off the power to avoid machine failure.